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Ages seen: children ages 5-11, adults, anxiety, depression, trauma, life changes

Life is complex, and the problems you face are too. No part of life is independent from another, and day to day experiences and perceptions are shaped by relationships to the environment, others, and oneself. I believe it is essential to consider these relationships when developing lasting and realistic solutions to life’s challenges. 


I believe in the power of a strong therapeutic relationship and strive to foster rapport and mutuality with clients to support them in building the skills they need to reach their goals. In my practice, I strive to utilize a strengths based approach, drawing from multiple modalities to help clients recognize their own strengths and abilities. I aim to work alongside my clients to develop realistic solutions to the challenges they face. I am especially interested in working within the areas of child development, early childhood, childhood trauma, and family systems. I am passionate about helping others to help themselves, and I am excited to collaborate with  clients to identify and develop the skills needed to thrive mentally, physically, and emotionally within their current environment.



*out of network with Optum, Medica, and UnitedHealthcare

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