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Increasing Rates of Perinatal Depression During COVID-19 Pandemic

One of the top rated hospitals in the US, Brigham and Women’s Hospital located in Boston, Massachusetts, released findings of a resent study exploring the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on perinatal mental health. Researchers surveyed over 1,000 pregnant and postpartum individuals using the Perinatal Experiences and COVID-19 Effects Study (PEACE).

According to the results gathered from PEACE, rates of perinatal depression have increased nearly 15% since the pandemic. The researchers found significant experiences of grief and loss reported by survey participants due to the pandemic. Nearly one tenth of survey participants reported a sense of loss and disappointment because of the pandemic, and researchers indicate that the individuals in this group are five times more likely to experience clinical levels of perinatal mood and anxiety disorders.

We have found many of our parents sharing in sessions how they feel cheated, disappointed, and sad about not being able to engage in cultural rights of passage when becoming a parent (like having a baby shower or a gender reveal party with their friends and family in person) due to the pandemic. We understand why. Now, more than ever, we find it essential for expecting and new parents to know they are supported and that they do not need to suffer alone.

If you know an expecting or new parent who is struggling, or if you yourself are suffering, The Center for Family Wellness is here to support you. We have therapists on our team specialized in working with expecting and new parents who may be experiencing anger, sadness, worry, and similar feelings. Our therapists can support you and offer guidance through these challenging times.

We understand the grief you may be having because this wasn't how you imagined your pregnancy to be. Reach out to us; we're here to help and remind you that you are not alone.

Stay well,

The Center for Family Wellness

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