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Supporting Emotional Resilience while Distance Learning

Updated: Dec 10, 2020

2020 has been nothing short of chaotic. We have been talking to so many caregivers who feel extremely stressed out and worn down due to their children being back in distance learning (among all the other extreme curveballs thrown by the pandemic). Duluth area schools intend to remain online through the New Year and well into January. How are you holding up?⁠

Seriously... how are you holding up?

We know it’s a struggle to manage being a caregiver during a pandemic AND help your child navigate distance learning. There's no guide book dedicated to raising a family during a pandemic, but we want you to know we have your back.

We believe sharing our knowledge of how to stay emotionally regulated, while also successfully providing your child with the best possible education, is ever so important. So, here it is, an online course delivered in brief lessons with helpful, thorough, and easy to use tools to move you and your family through these days with calm and success.

The first subject of our course is on managing expectations. We know you are being pulled in countless directions. We want you to have some simple tools to make planning ahead for the day-to-day a little easier.

Second. We talk about regulating your emotions so your child can regulate theirs. We offer you some neat-o neuroscience behind emotional regulation and how the brain develops. This information is important because it helps build the foundation for your child to remain focused while learning.

Third. We offer you some ways to improve your relationship with your child by connecting emotionally when your child has big feelings. We have heard from many caregivers that it can be difficult to connect with your child when you are so physically close, yet so emotionally disconnected. We will help you learn the skills to close that gap.

Finally. We outline ways to provide effective praise. We explain how this will improve your child’s self esteem and enhance positive feelings in your relationship. We also talk about the difference between praising your child for their accomplishments versus praising them for trying. It can be hard to find the good in these stressful times so we walk you through ways you can fill your child up with positive words in order to boost their mood.

Stay well,

The Center for Family Wellness

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