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As a body-based relational and mindfulness therapist, I offer a holistic, and gentle trauma-focused approach to support individuals to heal wounds from their past, identify goals for their future, and manage the day-to-day stressors of life.


Whether supporting individuals through difficult life transitions, managing anxiety/depression, processing family struggles, offering parenting or perinatal support, my practice is rooted in a client-centered approach. I know how strong the healing power of the client-therapist relationship can be if grounded in mutuality and respect. I listen deeply and work to provide an empathic space to support you on your individualized pathway to healing. 

I am a certified perinatal mental health and complex trauma therapist specializing in women's issues, infertility, NICU, and trauma-focused birth planning. As a mother, I bring a personal background  to my work with clients who are seeking support throughout their parenting journey, whether they are thinking of starting a family, or have been parenting for years. I am also a trained DBT-therapist, and provide psychoeducation and coaching to caregivers of teens. 


With a background in experiential and wilderness-based therapeutic approaches, including as a wilderness first responder, I offer a number of nature-based modalities, including walking sessions, for any in-person client if they choose.

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