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Benefits of Choosing Self Pay

  • You do not need to receive a mental health diagnosis in order to receive therapy

  • Your information is confidential between you and your therapist, within the limits of the law

  • You and your therapist can create your treatment plan without limitations imposed by insurance companies

  • You are able to access family and couples therapy, as well as extended sessions. These services are sometimes excluded from coverage by many insurance plans

  • Flex spending and HSA benefits may be used to pay for your therapy sessions

Insurance Information

We are in-network with the following insurance providers:


  • UnitedHealthcare*

  • Optum*

  • MN Medical Assistance

  • Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota

  • Blue Plus

  • Health Partners

  • UCare

If we are not in-network with your insurance provider and you would like to use out-of-network benefits, you will pay the session fee at the time of your appointment, then a Superbill will be generated and given to you to send to your insurance company for direct reimbursement. 


If you have a flex spending or HSA account that is tied to a debit card, we will likely be able to run that card at the time of service for direct payment. Please contact your insurance company for verification.

To better understand your out-of-network insurance benefits and how much you will be reimbursed, please call the number on the back of your insurance card. These are some questions to ask your insurance provider that may help you navigate reimbursement:


  • How much of my deductible has been met this year?

  • What is my out-of-network deductible for outpatient mental health?

  • What is my out-of-network coinsurance for outpatient mental health?

  • If I am paying [insert dollar amount] per therapy session, how much will I be reimbursed?

  • Do I need a referral from an in-network provider to see someone out of network?

  • How do I submit claims forms for reimbursement?

  • When can I anticipate my reimbursement to be issued?

*Our provisionally-licensed therapists are unable to accept these insurance payers at this time

Sliding Fee Scale

We are happy to offer a sliding fee scale for those clients who are unable to pay the full session rate, uninsured or underinsured. By underinsured, we are referring to people who have health insurance that does not include affordable in-network mental health benefits. This could be due to a high deductible and/or a copay higher than $60 per session for individual therapy (or higher than $80 per session for couples or family therapy). Please contact your insurance company to verify your benefits.​

Contact us at (218) 772-2668 to learn more about eligibility for our sliding fee scale.

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