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Our Practice

The Center for Family Wellness was formed in 2020 to meet the mental health needs of our community in Northeastern MN. The Center offers individual, family, and couples therapy. We specialize in working with parents and caregivers, very young children (0-4 years old), as well as couples and teens. We help people with a wide range of concerns including relational, emotional, psychological, and behavioral problems. Our approaches are trauma-informed, as well as grounded in systems theory and attachment-based models. We value the primacy of relationship in human wellbeing and hold that at the center of our work with clients. Please see our therapists' bios for their specific information.


The Center for Family Wellness and its providers are committed to anti-oppressive and justice-oriented practices in all levels of our work and policy at The Center for Family Wellness. We aim to recognize the limitations of Western psychology, work toward dismantling power-over culture, explore our own identities and privileges, and the multi-faceted nature of social injustice in all that we do.

We are vehemently against any form of discrimination, prejudice, and/or hostility directed towards a person or people based upon their identity and beliefs. We do not tolerate any form of racism, sexism, ableism, heterosexism, ageism, or differential treatment due to religious beliefs.

Our People

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Erin Therrien


Renee Burns

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Taylor Lemke

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